Internet is amazing…or how I finally got my GitHub space going.

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Not too long ago – who said “unlike your last post!” – I bumped into a blog post which mentioned something I contributed to the Security Now newsgroup quite a few years ago.

To cut things very short it inspired me to Git going (I hear you laughing like there was no tomorrow but no, not quitting my day job). To be a tad more explicit I pushed my first public repository to GitHub. Lo and behold, considering I have been coding since the 80’s one could say it was about time! Furthermore, today I added another repository. Nothing really special but as I tend to say, every journey starts with the first step and then you just keep going.

The future will tell regarding that “keep-goingness” of mine…

Nevertheless, I hope to upload more stuff to GitHub in the future if for no other reason than to backup old material that is just wasting space on all sorts of media that are likely to break down like Murphy’s law needed any more proof of it’s validity. Who knows, I might even Git inspired to code something new?

To be co…de…tinued. No, definitely not quitting my day job! Will keep Giting it though.

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