This blog is published by Thomas Sandberg and will primarily deal with the swiftly moving and progressing world of systems development and IT in general, from my perspective. Every now and then I will sneak in personal matters, current events or – lo and behold – things that matter a great deal to me.

I started coding BASIC on a trusty old Commodore 64 at about 11-12. After having seen a smooth text scroller in a Cream Crackers intro I got curious. How on earth do you code kewl s…tuff like that!? Curiousity, some say, kill cats and occasionally create coders. The latter was true in my case. From that time I knew I had to learn to do kewl s…tuff like that myself. Eventually it dawned on me that to be able to cram out graphical effects like the ones featured in the Cream Crackers intro you needed to go beyond the instruction manual of the C64 and the in-built BASIC interpretor. You needed to tread the murky waters of machine code programming and assembly language. After quite a while, that is what I did. Things progressed to the 16-bit world of amazing retro machines like the Commodore Amiga and Atari ST. My coding skills flourished on the latter. To make a long story a tad bit shorter, this school of life developed me as a programmer and sculpted what is now my career.

To make the aforementioned a bit more relatable, would concepts like retro machines or the scene not make much sense to you, here is an example of some demo effects which I remade in pure JavaScript in 2008.

Effects from the 16-bit demo scene running in pure JS in a browser 2008.

I currently work as a systems development consultant at Regent (the digital royal family of mine). Even though I reckon plenty of my ramblings will coincide with what I do professionally I want to make perfectly clear that what I write is my sole opinion and originating from me, myself and I. In other words, any unfortunate but self-induced blame or shame is my own responsibility and has nothing to do with my employer.

The blog serves several purposes.

For starters, I channel my thoughts and ideas through it. It gets crowded in there so having some place to store at least part of the brain content comes in handy. Hopefully you will agree.

Second, I hope to get some feedback on what I write. On the lucky event that I do it will potentially confirm my thoughts and ideas or, best case scenario, expand on them or correct them.

Third, writing is something I enjoy so what better place to put my verbal concoctions than in this blog?

Fourth, on the event that I socialize a.f.k. this blog can be a digital hub to reconnect with people I meet would they so please.